Top 3 Dirt Bikes Under $4000

Whether you are a motocross pro or you’re just annoyed at the track, you need a good dirt bike. There are many ways to choose the best dirt bike. And one of them is money, without money you will hardly have a good dirt bike. How much money you have, so good bike you own. But if money is no problem then you must have one of these three models, which I personally recommend. Currently I have a classical motorcycle, but a company in my hometown have give me the right to test all of their models, and as fan of motocross I tried all their dirt bikes. Only three models have left an impression on me.

These are: Honda CRF – 150F, Suzuki RM 85, Kawasaki KLX 110. I tried about a dozen models on the nearby track, but these three models have left an awesome impression on me. It is hard to pick a winner from this three models, every model have different advantages and disadvantages. But I still think that my favorite is Suzuki RM85, engine sound is awesome, on the track is fast, easy in the air, all that makes this model a super dirt bike. Although perhaps if we look at engine power we see that Honda is most powerful motorcycle. With a powerful motor Honda can be best choice, but I recommend this bike exclusively for professionals, beginners might have huge problems with it, it is very difficult and unstable in air, for beginners I recommend the Suzuki.

Here is my top 3 list of best Dirt Bikes that I have tested:

In third place is Honda CRF 150F

The new Honda will cost you $3199, which is quite a lot for this engine type. It is equipped with a 149cc engine that is air-cooled single-cylinder. It use 4-stroke engine and manual five speed. It has a telescopic fork front suspension. This powerful dirt bike is 223 lbs weight. In the air can be a little difficult to manipulate, but on the track is very fast, thanks to the 149cc engine.

The second choice is Kawasaki KLX110 Real power from the engine. This dirt bike is definitely the best-looking, green color, very nice green front fender, it makes it a real beauty on the track. If you are not noticed by the stunts then you will be because of this beautiful bike. As well 4-stroke engine as Honda, but less power, only 110cc. It is also air-cooled and has a speed less than the Honda. There are 4 speeds. Due to poor engine Kawasaki has been slower on the track and has less power when driving uphill, but when you are catapulted in the air you can perform any stunts you like. Yet this motorcycle is almost $1,000 cheaper then Honda, and therefore on my second place of top 3 dirt bikes.

And finally the best dirt bike: Suzuki RM 85 The weakest of all 3 models on the lists, it have only 85cc, but this is the engine for all of you who are just starting with motocross, thats why I put this bike on first place, because it offers security and stability on the track. It will not catapult you into the air, in the air you will not be able to do some nonsense that could cost you your head. But at the same time on the track you will not look funny as those kids that are rushing on 50cc engines. You’ll be in a very fast and stable dirt bike. You might not be quick on uphill, you may not jump high, but you’ll be safe. Safety comes first.

Many of you will not agree with me, many will be angry that I did not put Yamaha or KTM on the list, but this is a top 3 list and there are only 3 places for best 3 dirt bikes. Maybe in the future I write top 3 worst bike engines, but first I must find them and test them. If you have any objections to this list, please keep them to yourself, this is my personal view on the motocross and obey it.

if you are without money to buy dirt bikes you can always play games. There are many motocross and other automotive games available on-line and you can play dirt bike games too. I hope this article will help you buy best dirt bike for your needs

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