William Harley and Arthur Davidson, both in their early twenties, built their first motorcycle in 1903. During their first year, the company’s entire output was only 1 motorbike; however, by 1910, the company had sold 3,200. Movies such as Easy Rider made Harleys a cultural icon and soon the company attracted people who loved its bad-boy mystique, powerfulness, rumbling voice, distinctive roar, and toughness. It sounded like nothing else on the road, and even Elvis Presley and Steve McQueen longed to ride one.

The Harley-Davidson Motor Company has had its ups and downs, and at times, the downs seemed as if they would end in bankruptcy. In the sixties, Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha invaded the American market, and when sales at Harley-Davidson dropped drastically due to decreasing quality and increasing competition, the company began to look for buyers and was finally sold. However, the new owners of Harley Davidson knew little about how to restore profitability. The quality became so bad that dealers had to place cardboard under bikes in the showroom to absorb the oil leaking.

Daniel Gross, in Forbes Greatest Business Stories of all Times, recounts how in 1981, with the aid of Citibank, a team of former Harley-Davidson executives began negotiations to reacquire the company and rescue it from bankruptcy. Among these executives was William Davidson, the grandson of the founder Arthur Davidson. In a classic leveraged buyout, they pooled $1 million in equity and borrowed $80 million from a consortium of banks lead by Citibank.

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Whether you are a motocross pro or you’re just annoyed at the track, you need a good dirt bike. There are many ways to choose the best dirt bike. And one of them is money, without money you will hardly have a good dirt bike. How much money you have, so good bike you own. But if money is no problem then you must have one of these three models, which I personally recommend. Currently I have a classical motorcycle, but a company in my hometown have give me the right to test all of their models, and as fan of motocross I tried all their dirt bikes. Only three models have left an impression on me.

These are: Honda CRF – 150F, Suzuki RM 85, Kawasaki KLX 110. I tried about a dozen models on the nearby track, but these three models have left an awesome impression on me. It is hard to pick a winner from this three models, every model have different advantages and disadvantages. But I still think that my favorite is Suzuki RM85, engine sound is awesome, on the track is fast, easy in the air, all that makes this model a super dirt bike. Although perhaps if we look at engine power we see that Honda is most powerful motorcycle. With a powerful motor Honda can be best choice, but I recommend this bike exclusively for professionals, beginners might have huge problems with it, it is very difficult and unstable in air, for beginners I recommend the Suzuki.

Here is my top 3 list of best Dirt Bikes that I have tested:

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